NSI offers 3 premium bagged salt de-icers to tackle the harshest of winter’s snow and ice melting demands. Our bagged road salt offerings are an organic, environmentally friendly blended solid crystal deicer effective at even the lowest of temperatures. Turn to our line of reliable and fast-acting ice melt products to speed up your snow and ice management routine.  We have bagged salt in 25 and 50 lbs bags to meet your bagged road salt needs.

The unique mixture of 4 chlorides and 15 trace minerals found within North Pro makes this salt blend ideal for de-icing harsh winters. It’s more effective, even at much lower temperatures while using less product.

As temperatures drop, using a performance-driven deicing product is critical. A top contractor’s choice, North Pro + keeps working when regular rock salt quits and continues to provide a long-lasting residual melting effect.

Even the most extreme temperatures and harshest of winters are no match for NPE de-icer. This proprietary blended de-icer is what the road salt professionals turn to when all other products stop working.