Dust Control is not always just for work, but for recreation, and everyday travel, too. What type of recreation needs Dust Control services you might ask? From RV parks to fairgrounds and everything in-between, dust control services provided by Northern Salt are utilized in numerous industries throughout the Midwest for both work, and play.

In the summer months, numerous Minnesotans and those who live in the Midwest take advantage of the beautiful campgrounds, RV parks, recreation areas, and state parks that the Midwest region has to offer. When campgrounds, RV parks, and recreation areas are used by avid outdoorsmen, it is important that hikers and travelers have a dust-free environment to explore all the beauty Minnesota has to offer. Oftentimes, gravel roads lead travelers to their campground or park for their weekend getaway. With travelers coming and going while others are setting up, the hustle and bustle on gravel roads kick up dust and can disrupt the campgrounds making for a dust bowl for guests. Effective dust control solutions provided by Northern Salt Inc. can make for a dust-free campground or RV Park, even during peak season.

Not a camper, no problem! Have you ever been to the county fairs in your area? With hundreds of vendors, rides, and events, plus Minnesota summer heat comes dry weather that results in dusty conditions. Fairgrounds that have dirt parking lots, gravel grounds, and dirt racetracks, require dust control solutions prior to events starting to sure high air quality and low dust for all Minnesota fairgoers. Proper dust suppression precautions taken prior to any event will allow clean air quality and low dust for all who attend the event.

Playball! Minnesota Government Facilities that are responsible for dust solutions on athletic fields such as baseball fields, turn to Northern Salt for dust suppression solutions. Keeping dust down is not only important for players’ and officials’ safety but for spectators enjoying the game too.

Cost-effective dust control solutions are used for both recreations and for everyday travel and living too. Northern Salt Inc. is proud to provide safe, effective, and budget-conscious dust control solutions for gravel roads on private driveways and country roads in Minnesota. You can find Northern Salt on county and gravel roads and dirt roads serving various cities, townships, and the county’s such as the City of HugoCity of ColumbusCity of CorcoranCity of GrantWabasha CountyMay Township, and Northfield Township.

In addition to serving gravel roads in various gravel city roads, gravel county roads, and on gravel township roads throughout the Midwest, we also spray residential gravel roads such as private gravel driveways and private dirt roads on residential property on private land.

Did you know that dust suppression methods such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride not only protect unpaved roads but also are used to achieve optimal base stabilization? When mixed with aggregate before blading and shaping, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride assist in achieving maximum density with less competitive effort. With a low freezing point to protect the unpaved surface against frost heave in winter, and low vapor pressure to help retain moisture & bind dust particles together in the summer months, it is the choice of rural communities across the region. An environmentally friendly and cost-effective long-lasting investment, the application of either chloride will continue to work its way through the surface and into the base several inches to consolidate the soil to not only strengthen the road but produce fugitive dust from vehicle traffic. Application rates vary based on the road base material, amount of traffic, and climate. We look forward to working with you to create a stabilization program specific to your community or project’s needs. More on NSI Road Stabilization can be found here in our Road Stabilization Product Sheet.

Using concrete and not aggregate, no problem. We have a solution to assist our customers in reducing concrete set time while increasing workability. You can have the best of both worlds with Northern Salt’s calcium chloride concrete additive. When added to concrete, calcium chloride works quickly to hydrate concrete and in turn, reduce set time all while decreasing the chance of bleeding. Pour no matter what the weather, adding calcium chloride to concrete makes the process not only possible but highly effective in both warm and cold temperatures. With the added benefits of corrosion protection & increased concrete strength and workability, it is a top choice for contractors that is not only cost-effective but provides long-lasting benefits.

Additive rates vary based on time of year and climate. We look forward to working with you to customize our concrete additives for all your projects, year-round.

For more helpful tips on all things dust control & snow and ice prevention such as bulk saltindustrial ice melt, liquid ice melt, and consumer granular deicer, visit our Learning Center for more!