Believe it or not- our road salt is naturally pink in color! We do not add any additives such as dye or preservatives to give our salt a pink color. Our road salt product is a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, four chloride, fifteen trace mineral product that we source from a mine in Saskatchewan, Canada found 3000 feet under the ground. Our natural rock salt crystals are found in a mine 3000 feet below the Canadian Prairies. The unique mixture of 4 chlorides and 15 trace minerals found in our road salt give it the pink hue you see. Our pink road salt is considered a blended product due to the naturally occurring combination of 15 trace minerals compared to standard white rock salt which is a non-blended product made up of just one mineral. The difference between blended salt vs. non blended salt is that blended salt is made from many minerals compared to non-blended salt consisting of one mineral. Road salt can vary in color dye to colored dyes as well as granular shape and size. Granular shape and size of rock salt impacts the bounce and scatter rate of the road salt when it is spread on pavement. Not only is our pink salt commonly recognized for being specific to NSI, but its pink color also makes it distinguishable for ease of application and visual coverage. Our road salt is an organic, naturally occurring blend of 4 chlorides that arrives to us by railcar from a mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. Transporting our salt by railcar and not being dependent on the riverboat system for transportation makes our product readily available and always in stock during any snow and ice event. Once our road salt arrives to us by railcar, we then can disperse it to clients and customers via pickup or delivery.

When choosing a road salt to combat snow and ice here are a few key factors to consider to maximize your snow and ice management budget.

  • Blended road salt
  • Salt with a low working temperature
  • Colored salt for ease of application and visual coverage
  • Salt with various trace minerals
  • Salt that is not depended on solar radiation to activate
  • Road salt that is optimal size & shape to reduced bounce and scatter
  • Road salt that is organic and environmentally friendly
  • Salt that is safer for pets

Often recognized by its pink hue, we are proud to carry naturally occurring road salt that we source from in Saskatchewan, Canada. One advantage to having our product be pink in color is that we do not have to add any dyes or additives to manipulate the color of the salt.  Many facilities require their rock salt to be of color other than white for ease of visual coverage when spreading the salt in addition for the public to visibly see that the facility have salted their pavement. It is important for customers, clients, and staff to have a salt of color to be easily recognized by the naked eye that their parking lot, sidewalk, or driveway has been treated and maintained properly. Providing a safe work environment with clear parking lots free of snow and ice is essential to the safety of those traveling in and out of your facility. Rock salt that comes in standard white color is often hard to tell with the naked eye that it has been spread across the pavement. Adding colored dye to salt is a great selling point for salt supplies due to increased visibility for ease of spreading and for visual coverage.

Our pink salt is pulled from an underground natural mine deposit 3000 feet underground, brine washed, dried by kiln, screened for to appropriate size, then prepped for shipment. An advantage to being brine washed then dried by kiln is to ensure that maximum moisture is removed from the salt, ensuring the chemical makeup of it is desirable to ignite and enhance the melting process. With low insoluble levels, this makes an ideal product that is both fast acting and long lasting. The lasting importance of snow and ice management and choosing a product that both fast acting and budget friendly can often be a challenge when choosing a deicing product. Due to the fact that our 15 trace mineral and 4 chloride salt is optimal crystal size to reduce bounce and scatter allows up to 35% less product use when compared to standard rock salt. Using less road salt is not only a time saver, but a dollar saver as well. Using less product that also works faster and longer and to get optimal results is one of the many benefits to using a blended road salt. Whether you are buying road salt in bulk or buying bagged road salt, purchasing less product annually makes for a budget friendly snow and ice management plan. Although our salt is an organic naturally occurring product, it is important to be conscious of the amount of salt used on our public roadways and pavement facility.